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3 Advantages of a Dumpster Rental Over a Yard Sale

Is your garage full? And is your basement packed to the brim? In this situation, you have two options for all the stuff in your home. You could sell the items at a yard sale or rent a dumpster to get rid of it. While a yard sale may seem tempting, you will find a lot of advantages through a dumpster rental.

Keep reading to learn how a dumpster rental is the right choice to make and how you can help clear all of the junk away from your home.

1. You Will Save Time

If time is money, then renting a dumpster will save you a whole lot through a rental period. The idea of a yard sale may sound promising, but these sales include a lot of preparation and planning. For example, you have organize items, split them off into different sections, and set up the layout in your driveway.

Along with the items, you need tables, tarps, and garment racks. Additional needs for a yard sale includes posting advertisements, preparing cash boxes, and tagging items for sale. While many may make a profit off yard sales, you have to determine whether your time is worth it.

With a dumpster rental, the process is simple and a lot of time is saved. The dumpster company will drop off the dumpster at a day and time you schedule. And in many cases, you do not have to be home for the dumpster rental drop-off. The same process works for the pickup.

When you schedule a pickup time, the dumpster is removed from your property without hassle. Once delivered, you do not have to organize the dumpster or items you place inside. You just have to fill it with all of your junk, and the whole process is complete.

2. You Don’t Have to Work at a Specific Time

A lot of yard sales take place during the day and on weekends. Sellers use this traditional to attract a majority of people on their days off. While the schedule makes sense, the typical yard sale hours may not match your personal free time.

For example, if you work days and weekends, scheduling a yard sale could present additional challenges. If you work third-shift, you may sleep during the daytime. With a dumpster schedule, you have the dumpster for an allotted amount of time, like a week or two weeks. You can fill the dumpster on your own free hours without a set schedule.

3. You Can Dispose of Unsalable Items

While some of your junk may sell at a yard sale, you will have a lot of items that you just cannot sell. The old pile of rotting wood? No one is going to buy that at a yard sale. The garden gnome with a broken head? Probably won’t sell. A dumpster does not care about the value of items. You can simply plop those items inside the dumpster and call it a day.

As you go through the inside and outside of your home, you will likely come across a lot of items that would never sell. You do not need to contemplate and worry about items with a dumpster. Simply toss them in the trash.

Other than hazardous items like paint, motor oil, and batteries, you can get rid of a lot of junk.

To get started with the dumpster process, contact our team at Tiger Sanitation. We can deliver a dumpster right to your home, and you can get started as soon as you want. With our help, your junk will be gone in no time.

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