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Home Projects That Require Dumpster Rentals

Home projects such as renovations and garage cleanups are often messy and challenging. Fortunately, a dumpster rental can handle the waste load from remodeling activities and cleanups. Explore some home projects that require dumpster rentals below.


Home renovations produce a lot of debris and garbage that your regular garbage service cannot handle. The waste includes tiles, brick pieces, old kitchen cabinets and drywall. Renovation waste can pile up in your yard and make the project site unsafe due to the risk of injuries.

The best thing about dumpster rentals is that you can rent them for the project’s duration, whether it takes weeks or months. Also, you avoid the costs of hiring a hauling company. You have different dumpster sizes to select from, including 15-yard, 20-yard, or 30-yard dumpsters. Ask your dumpster rental provider to assist you in choosing an appropriately sized dumpster for your needs.

Ask the dumpster rental company about what they allow in the container, as some companies don’t allow hazardous waste.

Spring Cleaning

Spring often finds many homeowners with cluttered yards and cramped garages and basements. While your regular trash services take smaller materials with no fuss, large furniture and other bulky items are usually too much for curbside pickup. In such cases, a dumpster rental can hold the heavier materials you throw away. Besides, you don’t want fines and penalties due to improper disposal.

Dumpster rentals allow you to clean out your home at your own pace. You can rent a container for as long as you need to clean out every room. If you intend to make more room in the attic or garage, use a dumpster rental to reduce your possessions. Also, dumpster rentals can hold large branches and other organic materials that accumulate after extensive yard work.

A dumpster rental can also kick-start a spring-cleaning project if you lack motivation. Once your dumpster rental provider delivers the container to your property, you have no choice but to clean the house.


Moving can be exciting, but you may not know what to do with all the old and unwanted possessions. Many homeowners aren’t mindful of how much stuff they accumulate over the years until they decide to relocate. Then, you have to confront the piles of clothes that no longer fit, old furniture, and outdated or broken appliances.

Dumpster rentals accommodate many items, and you can rent one a few days before you make your move. Then, sort through all possessions and throw out what you don’t need. Once you throw the trash out, the packing process becomes simpler. Dumpster rentals are also convenient, as a waste removal provider hauls the garbage you dispose of.

Roofing Projects

Dumpster rentals are an invaluable resource during roof repair and replacement projects. Roof shingles are quite heavy, and you cannot bet on your pickup truck to haul all the construction debris. Instead, rent a large dumpster that can hold the worn-out shingles and associated waste. In this way, you focus on the roofing project without worrying about debris pileup.

Disaster Recovery

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms can happen unexpectedly and leave many homeowners unprepared. The aftermath of such disasters is often messy, and municipalities may take too long to pick debris up and clear the streets. If you need a quick solution to deal with the damage, rent a dumpster to sort and toss stuff. In the dumpster rental, you can place leaves, sticks, building rubble and fence pieces.

Dumpster rentals can facilitate different home projects, including renovation, decluttering, and relocation. At Tiger Sanitation, we provide differently sized dumpster containers, depending on your project’s scope. Contact us today for dependable waste removal services

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