Rental Dumpsters for Salt Lake City, UT

Serving the Entire Salt Lake, David, Weber, Summit, Utah, and Tooele Counties

Whether you plan to undertake a large landscaping project, build a new facility, or do spring cleaning, Tiger Sanitation can help with our dumpster rental services throughout the Salt Lake City, UT, area.

Benefits of Renting Dumpsters

Don’t spend hours hauling away debris in small trash bins when you can have a convenient, available dumpster right where you are. Dumpsters can help with:

  • Cleanliness: Instead of haphazard debris laying around or trash bins cluttering up your project area, dumpsters can help promote a cleaner, safer workspace.
  • Convenience: Hauling away debris at the end of the day is time-consuming. Having a dumpster on-site makes for more time on the project and less time at the dump.
  • Speediness: Once your project is done, you only have to haul away a dumpster or two (or we can do it for you). That means a quick end to your project, helping you meet your deadlines and keeping yourself or your customers happy.

See what dumpsters can do for your next project.

Advantages of Using Tiger Sanitation

When you decide on renting a dumpster, you probably want a company that values quality service and convenient options. Tiger Sanitation can help.

Flexible Sizes

Not all projects are the same. Whether you want to just throw away household trash or construction materials, you have a range of dumpster sizes available. You can choose from:

  • 15 yards
  • 20 yards
  • 30 yards
  • 40 yards

Depending on your project’s scope and purpose, we can help you decide which dumpster size is right for you.

Various Rental Options

Some people need dumpsters on a regular basis, while others need dumpsters during certain seasons or projects. We’re equipped to help with everything from a major construction project to seasonal spring cleanings.

Different Materials

Different jobs throw away different materials. Our dumpsters can handle anything from regular household waste to demolished materials. Please note that we do not haul away hazardous waste.

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