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What Are the Different Types of Dumpster Rentals?

Do you have a commercial or residential project that will likely produce a lot of waste? For example, if you’re moving out, have a large yard project, or are undertaking a home renovation project, you will need to dispose of a lot of waste. Or maybe you’re a contractor working on a huge construction project, or your business generates waste daily. In all these situations, you need the waste hauled from the site.

For proper disposal of all garbage in your home, business, or jobsite, hire a dumpster rental. Hiring a dumpster rental helps create a safe job site, improve workplace efficiency, ensure compliance, and reduce the risk of litigation.

However, before hiring a dumpster, remember not all dumpsters are perfect for your needs. Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, load capacity, and how they load and transport debris. Keep reading to learn the different types of dumpster rentals and pick the right one for your needs.

Roll-Off Dumpster

Roll-off dumpsters are among the largest capacity dumpsters you can rent from a waste management company.

When loading these dumpsters in a garbage truck, two systems are usable: a robotic arm or a winch and a sled. In the robotic arm method, the bin hooks on the arm and is pulled into the truck bed. In the sled and winch system, the metal sled hoists from the truck’s bed at a 45-degree angle. The bin is then secured to the winch and pulled by the metal sled.

Roll-off dumpsters are ideal for construction, remodeling, or landscaping projects. The large size of these dumpsters allows you to load a lot of debris before emptying. Since you can load lots of trash before the bin fills, you enjoy continuous work with minimal disruptions.

Front-Load Dumpster

Front-load dumpsters offer two to eight cubic yards capacities. As the name indicates, front-load dumpsters load into a garbage truck from the front. In most cases, front-load dumpsters have a slanting design to make waste dumping easy. Also, these types of dumpsters have slots on both sides where the truck can insert spikes and raise the bin overhead.

Front-load dumpsters are great for businesses, apartments, or commercial spaces with a lot of daily waste.

Rear-Load Dumpster

A rear-load dumpster has a slanting back fitted with two extending poles. To empty trash in a garbage truck, this type of dumpster uses a winch and sled mechanism. When unloading, the hook on the truck’s winch will attach to the rear of the container. The hook then hoists the container upward for the trash to drop into the truck’s bin.

Due to the rear slanting design of the dumpster, dropping debris into the container is quite challenging. However, these dumpsters can carry more junk, and the taller design makes the bin a viable solution for narrow spaces.


Compactors are fully confined trash bins allowing users to compress the trash inside using a metal blade. These bins come in different sizes ranging from two to forty yards. When compared to traditional trashcans, compactors present numerous benefits to users. The benefits you’ll enjoy using a compactor include saving money, containing foul smells, keeping out insects, and preventing garbage from spreading everywhere.

However, unlike other dumpster types, a compactor will need access to electricity to operate correctly and safely. Compactors are ideal for big businesses such as hospitals, hotels, and recycling centers with a lot of waste.

For a professional waste disposal service, make sure to hire a dumpster rental from a reputable waste management company. Contact us at Tiger Sanitation LLC for all your recycling, waste disposal, and dumpster rental needs.

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